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What our customers are saying:

"... It was a complete pleasure, from start to finish!  When you first came to 
our condo, it was a mess, and it wasn't long before you transformed it into
something beautiful to behold!  We have had so many compliments about
how our furniture is placed, our pictures are hung, etc.  Every day we look
around and think to ourselves, "Thank heavens for Cathleen!"  
If we hear of anyone else who is in need of professional decorator 
we will recommend you to them without hesitation!"  
Mary and Bob ("Pete") Petersen, Austin TX


"Thank you Cathleen. I enjoyed our time working together. I appreciated 
your patience and your comments further assured me that you were 
listening carefully and assimilating my scattered thoughts. I am thrilled with
the way my condo came out and my husband and I love coming home!" 

Debbie Steinbach, Austin TX

"I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, what you did at my home today! It is the BEST money
I've ever spent! My friend and I are going to work on your other recommendations
this weekend! What a fabulous experience!"

Bambi Watson, Realtor 

"I was truly stunned. I wasn't really sure that a "designer" look could be 
made from using just my own things, but putting the similar pieces 
together made all the difference. It's all tied in. Now it looks like a grown 
up lives here! I think even my Mom will like it! Thanks Cathleen!"
Abby Fredericks, Austin TX

"I got so tired by looking at the clutter in the foyer when I walked into my 
house. I would just add to it everyday because I was overwhelmed by the 
thought of taking that project on. Doing the foyer was great and now I 
love walking into my house! I just want to sit here in my foyer all day! 
Can't wait to do the living room!"

Leslie Wilson, Metairie, LA

"I can't believe just doing those few things made such a BIG difference. 
I have had that couch everywhere but the ceiling!! It looks fabulous! 
My husband even likes it!"

Leslie Mathes, Covington, LA

"I'm sitting in my living room enjoying the work you did today. I would never have
thought to put the couch and chairs like this but I LOVE it! I can't believe
it was so simple. Can't wait to have my friends over! Thank you!"

Midge Norris, Austin

"I just knew my beautiful furniture was in there, it just needed to be showcased! 
And I can't believe how much bigger my room looks now. I wouldn't have 
thought so, but the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. My Dallas friends
want to know how much to get you up there for a weekend!. Thanks again!"

Peggy Jenkins, Austin